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How do I apply for a current account?

To apply for a current account you can:

Visit our mobile app

You can apply via the NatWest mobile app

Visit our website

Compare our range of current accounts (opens in a new window) and open a bank account that suits your needs.

Call us

NatWest account opening

Jersey accounts
01534 282850
overseas: +44 1534 282850
Guernsey accounts
01481 703860
overseas: +44 1481 703860
Isle of Man accounts
01624 697190
overseas: +44 1624 697190
Gibraltar accounts
200 77737
overseas: 00350 200 77737

Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm (excluding public holidays)
Calls may be recorded.

Visit a branch

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Find your nearest branch using our branch locator (opens in a new window).