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How can I keep track of my debit card payments so I don't go overdrawn?

To help you keep track of your debit card purchases, we have these useful suggestions:

  • Before you begin shopping, you need to know how much you have in your account so that you can check off the transactions you make against your available balance
  • Download our mobile banking app to help you monitor your balance, and to use our Get Cash facility to withdraw money without using a debit card
  • Keep all your receipts so that you can check what transactions have debited from your account once you have finished shopping (and to return anything!)
  • Contact our telephone banking team who can tell you what transactions are reflected in your available funds
  • Make sure that you know the amounts of all direct debits and standing orders you have set up, and on what dates they leave your account
  • Remember that the amount of some direct debits can vary from month to month (e.g. your phone bill). You will need to account for these amounts when working out your available balance

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