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In the app you can send money to your friends using their mobile number, even if they do not bank with NatWest International. Login to your Mobile app, tap 'Payments' then ‘Pay Your Contacts’. Enter their mobile number, the amount you want to send and add a reference.

Paying a friend who is registered for Pay Your Contacts

If the person you are sending money to is registered for Pay Your Contacts, they’ll receive a text to let them know a payment has been received.

Paying a friend by link

If your contact is not registered for Pay Your Contacts or banks with another bank you can send them a secure link via text, WhatsApp or email which they can tap on to redeem the money.

Some important information

Pay Your Contacts lets you send maximum payment of £250 a working day, which is separate from daily withdrawal and Get Cash limits. Pay Your Contacts is available for customers on Android or iPhone.

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