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How do I transfer funds abroad? I need an IBAN, Swift code.

Please note: It is not currently possible to make international payments using our Online Banking service.

Apply for our ibanking plus (opens in a new window) service to make international payments via internet banking.

IBAN and BIC number

The IBAN and BIC number can be found on your paper statement or on your online banking service.

To locate the IBAN and BIC number online:
From the 'Account summary' page choose the required account from the list and click on the 'View account details' button. The IBAN and BIC numbers are displayed on this page with your account name, account type, account number and sort code.

If you are trying to use another individual's or organisation's IBAN or BIC this would have to be supplied by that party.

Our SWIFT address

RBOSIMDD - National Westminster Offshore Isle of Man
RBOSGGSX - National Westminster Offshore Guernsey
RBOSGIGI - National Westminster Offshore Gibraltar
RBOSJESH - National Westminster Offshore Jersey

You can find more information on receiving international payments from the 'Travel & international (opens in a new window)' section on