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In recent years more of our customers have opted to bank with us using our mobile app, online banking and telephone banking services.

Customers now visit our branches less often and, in some cases, never at all. We’re committed to keeping branches as part of our service offering however it’s now necessary to reduce our branch network for commercial reasons.

What branches are impacted and when?

From 7th January 2021, the following branches will permanently close:

  • Longueville, Jersey
  • St Brelade, Jersey
  • Cobo, Guernsey
  • St Sampsons, Guernsey

Until the time of closure we’ll have colleagues available in branches to:

  • Help you get started on our digital banking services
  • Guide you to remaining branches
  • Explain how else we’ll continue to provide you with all the banking services you need

Locate your nearest alternative branch or cash machine

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