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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is part of the Payment Services Directive 2. It is made up several different initiatives to ensure that we continue to keep you safe and secure when you are using online banking, the mobile app, making online debit and credit card payments and using Contactless. 

One of these initiatives is the widespread use of two-factor authentication. These factors must be a combination of the following:

  • something you own (possession)
  • something you are (inherence)
  • something you know (knowledge)

So, for example, when you log onto online banking, we could ask you for your password (knowledge) and either to use your card reader (possession) or receive an OTP to your mobile phone (possession)

Will changes to contactless affect how I use Google/Apple/Android Pay?

No, Google, Apple and Android payments are not impacted by these changes.

Where can I find out more about Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

Do I need to do anything to be ready for strong customer authentication (SCA) changes to online shopping ?

The best thing to do is make sure we know your contact details so we can help keep you safe and secure.

How do I get a One Time Passcode (OTP) for online shopping?

You can select whether you wish this passcode to be sent to your mobile or via a voice message to your landline. Don’t worry, if you are in an area with poor mobile phone coverage there will be other options available to you to receive an OTP.

To ensure you can complete online purchases quickly it is essential that you keep your contact details up to date, so if verification is requested we can send you a One Time Passcode. You can update your contact details via Online Banking by using your card-reader.

How long is a One Time Passcode valid for?

A One Time Passcode sent to you whilst logging on to your Online Banking is valid for 20 minutes and is specific to that session. An OTP sent during an Online Shopping transaction is valid for 8 minutes and is specific to that transaction.

Can I continue to use my Magnetic Stripe card?

You will not be able to perform magnetic stripe transactions in Europe (magnetic stripe transactions at unattended terminals for parking and transit will still be permitted).

I am an international customer, can I receive a One Time Passcode (OTP) when completing a purchase online?

If you have a Gibraltar, Spain or Ireland international mobile and landline, you will be contacted via SMS for mobiles or automated telephone-call for landlines when completing a purchase online.

If you have a number from any other country there are alternatives available.

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