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A talking ATM allows customers to carry out transactions on their own via their headphones once these have been plugged into the headphone jack on the ATM. The ATM will speak out instructions to you.

Who can use talking ATMs?

Anyone can use this functionality however it is to help visually impaired customers use our cash machines safely and securely.

What ATM machines am I able to use?

You can use any ATM from the following brands:

  • RBS
  • NatWest
  • Coutts
  • Ulster North
  • Ulster South

How do Talking ATMs work?

You need to have a set of ear phones which you plug into the ATM.

You will then hear instructions of how to use the machine and what to do to get started.

You need to activate the audio functionality by pressing the number 5 on the keypad before inserting your card.

The machine will voice out what you need to do and the options to press on the ATM keypad to make your choices.

The screen will go blank to provide you with privacy so none of your details are visible.

What can I use a Talking ATM for?

Transactions covered for Talking ATM (TATM) are

  • Balance
  • Cash
  • Cash with receipt
  • Mini Statement
  • Emergency Cash

Who can help me work a Talking ATM?

Any branch member can help you next time you are at a branch.

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