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There are three possible personal loan application outcomes:

Your loan has been approved online

Congratulations. You'll receive confirmation of your loan account details in the next few days, via secure inbox or by post.

Don't worry if you notice the loan account has been opened before you receive your loan funds. This is normal and you should expect to receive the funds shortly.

You can expect the money in your account within 48 hours (Monday - Friday).

Application accepted subject to additional information

If you finished, but we've asked you to provide more information, we've received your application.

We'll be in touch within 10 working days. We just need to check your details and we will get back to you if we need more information.

Alternatively, you'll receive an application pack in the post detailing exactly what documents we require, which you can provide in branch or by post.

Your application has been declined

We're really sorry about that. We understand this might be disappointing, but we can only approve applications that meet all of our criteria.

To help you understand why we decline some applications, you could read our guide to borrowing and credit scoring. This might help you when making future credit applications.

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