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You’re able to personalise how much you’re able to pay into someone else’s account from your personal account(s) or business account(s) using your app or Online Banking. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Select ‘Payments & transfers’ from the main menu
  3. Select ‘Manage payment limits’ on the Payments and transfers landing page
  4. Select ‘Amend limit’ for the channel you would like to change the limit for (Online Banking, mobile app or Open Banking)
  5. Enter the new limit (in multiples of £500 up to a maximum of £20,000 for personal and £50,000 for premier and business customers)
  6. Read the ‘Stop and think’ fraud message and select the tick box if you’re happy to continue
  7. Select ‘Next’
  8. Confirm the new limit with your card reader or your mobile app if registered for biometrics (You won’t need your card reader/mobile app if you reduce the limit)
  9. Your new payment limit will take effect immediately.

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